Motorcycle and scooter Assistance

+39 340 7890111

Motorcycle and scooters roadside assistance and motorcycle transport.

From 50 .cc to 150 .cc : 35€

From 150 .cc to 500 .cc : 40€

Over 500 .cc : 45€

We receive all calls from motorcyclists who have broken down.

As soon as possible, we will reach you out with our equipped van motorcycle which, according to your needs, can take your vehicle to a mechanic or a place you decide.

In case of reservations received after 19:00, we provide our store until the chosen repair business is open again.

Upon prior reservation, it is possible to rent a motorbike/scooter until your motorcycle is usable again.

The rates shown are inclusive of I.V.A. and refer to the transport of vehicles, with working wheels and steering, limited to the Municipality of Bologna. Vehicles loaded outside the municipality of Bologna and/or with blocked wheels and/or steering will suffer a surcharge of €10 compared to the normal transport price list mentioned above.
For transport outside the Province of Bologna and/or beyond 40km from the center of Bologna, the rate of €1 per km including VAT is applied for any engine capacity of the transported vehicle. 

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